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"I really wish I had started working with Sergio a lot earlier in my career! I had always been the type of athlete to find and gain little improvements in my training, but I realised I hadn’t been paying that same attention to my nutrition. Sergio made me realise the importance of tailored nutrition plans, and finding what suits me and my training the most. He and I worked on monitoring my nutrition on a week to week basis, depending on my training sessions and fuelling needs. We also ensured we paid close attention to my energy levels and how I felt in training, because having full confidence of my body on the track is vital if I am to train to the best of my ability. Sergio was so informative, that when I came away from him, I was equipped with the knowledge to carry on what we’d built on for a number of months. My nutrition needs, in the best way possible, will never be the same now thanks to Sergio!” - Laviai Nielsen


"I have been training obsessively for over ten years and have totally focused on just my appearance. Sergio had been more than just my Trainer, he supports me out of dark places and reminds me that training goes beyond just looking good. He has been pushing me during my sessions and as a result I have increased my muscle mass but when I struggle he guides me back to reality. I have been in a better place mentally because of his training and empathy. He’s accommodating and unbelievably knowledgeable. Couldn’t recommend him higher and I’ve been with him for over a year now. He came highly recommended by a colleague of mine, and now I know why" - Rhona Eskander


“I’ve had more time this year to be able to monitor most aspects of my training but there was a massive gap when it came to my nutrition. Since seeing Sergio I’ve started tailoring my meals to how I train, when I train and how my body reacts to changes in my diet and I feel so much more rejuvenated and ready to attack sessions. Managing my nutrition has also given me confidence going into training sessions knowing that I’ve properly fuelled my body for what it needs to do! What’s more, I’ve been given all the knowledge and tools I need to be able to manage my nutrition by myself which is awesome. I can’t have asked for a better service” - Lina Nielsen


“I was referred to Sergio for training to support my recovery from a hip injury. With excellent guidance, he helped me stay on track throughout my program. The program has been extremely effective and resulted in being the final step (after physiotherapy) that has got me back to full movement. Without his expertise, I could not have recovered so quickly.” - Saskia Twiss


“I have been training with Sergio for over 2 years now. He has set out an excellent training program for me which has meant that my athletics season has gone very smoothly with no injuries and personal bests achieved both on and off the track. I would highly recommend Sergio, he knows when to push me to my limits but only at the appropriate times” - Hannah Williams 

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“Sergio designed a training programme that is precisely geared towards my goals and makes allowances for my knee condition. I focused almost exclusively on leg work and he helped me to realise that conditioning the upper body and core is just as important. In addition to a leg programme, we worked together to create an upper body conditioning programme and I now feel more balanced and overall much stronger and healthier. Sergio is exceptionally knowledgeable and skilled and I highly recommend him for anyone that wants to take their fitness to the next level" - Bernadine Pritchett


"The past year of training with Sergio has been a year of transformation. I’ve felt and aesthetically seen my body change. But more importantly, I understand training now. I’ve been going to the gym religiously and attending weights class for the past twenty years, I have also had various personal trainers, but only now can I walk into a gym feeling ready and equipped to know what to do and how to train. Sergio’s sessions are beyond personal training. His background in nutrition shines through as we discuss weekly food, emotional eating, why the focus on food is as important as training and energy balance. It is his knowledge, the way he relays it, focusing on the reasons and explaining things clearly that sets him apart" - Mira Manek 


“In our initial consultation I found Sergio to be very knowledgeable, informative and I found his character to be extremely likeable and made me feel comfortable to speak openly of my goals. His philosophy was not a 'do as I say approach', he worked everything around my busy work schedule. He gave me spreadsheets to monitor everything and I was ready to attack the 12 weeks! He was there every step of the way with me and we would talk over how everything was going and more importantly how I was feeling. After the 12 weeks were up I had indeed got in the best shape of my life and I was ready for the photoshoot. What touched me the most about the whole experience was that Sergio travelled an hour each way to be there as support for me on the day of the shoot. I truly believe Sergio is a fantastic Trainer and whose services I would not hesitate recommending to anyone.” - Jacob Paczesny


“Sergio was the one who introduced me to weight training. Sessions with him are enjoyable, gratifying and always hard. He constantly pushes your limits and you see progress every week. He also gives very useful nutrition insights that combined with training under his supervision gives incredible results" - Nikita Novyydarskov


"I have trained with Sergio for many years now. He has always been able to evolve our sessions to meet my demands, which have changed over time, in line with my interests. Originally we involved training a combination of strength, speed and agility to prepare for Winter Seasons slalom skiing and off-piste skiing. However, in the last couple of years I have moved over to CrossFit so we have been focusing on developing movement patterns to master skills such as handstand push ups/handstand walks, pull ups; and learning specific Olympic lifting movements i.e. snatch and clean and jerk. His depth of knowledge is reflected in the way in which he plans and carries out a session.  I’ve enjoyed the variety of our training over time and highly recommend his services to friends and family" - Keira Keenan


“Sergio was dedicated and passionate about optimising my performance both on and off court. He helped me tremendously by aiding me in optimising my physical training. He integrating smart training scheduling and optimised my routines so that I can perform better on court and especially during match play with my new improved fitness levels. I enjoyed very much working with him.” - Karen Barritza


“I have to say Sergio helped me not only physically (the reason why I originally came to him) but psychologically too, he's clearly an expert in his field. A true dedicated professional who cares about your goals and overall well-being. He has gone above and beyond what I expected a Trainer to do for me. Thank you Sergio!” - Ayla Martin

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"Training with Sergio for only half a year has already helped me see drastic improvements in my athletics training, from making sure I fuel my body with the right nutrients before and after training, as well as feeling stronger and more confident in all aspects of my training. He’s constructed a gym program catered to my needs, which targets my weaker areas and helps to build the right strength for my 400m event. In our sessions I’m always learning new and useful tips about technique and nutrition, and I walk out feeling motivated to be better. Sergio not only has expert knowledge in his field but a great personality, so working with him always leaves a smile on my face!" - Lara Hansen

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"The expertise and guidance Sergio has provided through my training sessions have been amazing. Sergio’s persistence keeps me focused and committed to a weekly schedule. He has helped develop a new attitude in me. Along with more confidence and drive to stay healthy, I now make better dietary choices to support my progress. I’ve discovered a new confidence as I lost inches off my waist over our first six months of working together. I look forward to each session!” - Burak Furtun


"I trained with Sergio for about 4 years. In that time I saw the greatest change to my body that I have ever seen. Sergio’s approach was refreshing, always clearly explaining what we were doing and the benefits that I was going to see. Sergio regularly refreshed and updated my training program to ensure that I was always seeing and feeling the benefits. The regular updates to my program meant that I was constantly stimulated and engaged. He pushed and challenged me while always ensuring that I was feeling both the mental and physical rewards. 

I cannot recommend Sergio enough. To say that he is exceptional would not be overstating". - Sotos Georgalli


“I have been training with Sergio for a couple of years now and he is much much more than just a Personal Trainer, he motivates me and is brilliant at instilling consistency. His understanding behind what we do and why we do it is clear and I can not recommend him enough. I would not want to enter the gym if it wasn't for him” - Meenal Sachdev

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“I worked with Sergio for several months as I needed help in understanding my nutritional needs for training and recovery. Although I was eating quite healthily there were areas that I needed to improve on. With these consultations I have now got a much better understanding of my requirements. Sergio was very approachable, knowledgeable and he did not overload me with information, as it was all quite new to me. All the advice was at the right level for me. I am now much more knowledgeable and found the coaching useful. Thank you!” - Alisha Rees


“I’m so happy with my training sessions! Before I started training I thought I was doing everything I could to exercise the right way and be “healthy”. Now I feel like I am exercising smarter and have more specific goals to work towards and workout more efficiently as a result. I appreciate that Sergio aims to make me more independent in training, and I’m taking small steps in that direction! I am experiencing much less back pain now that I have built up my glute strength, and am less dependent on visits to my Osteopath which was the initial intent of training. But I also feel like I have a better understanding of body mechanics and nutrition, too. Thank you for all of your help!” - Eileen Fisher


"Prior to starting to train with Sergio all my gym session were nearly identical and I was getting bored, my progress stopped and I know I needed help. Sergio helped me set up a proper, diverse program and guided me every step of the way through sessions, nutrition and lifestyle coaching. I ended up achieving my target body composition, but most importantly I now maintain it. Anytime I deviate from my plan, I am now confident I have the tools to get myself back on track. If you’re really serious about your goals this guy will get you there. Thanks Sergio." - Maxime Nezanov 


“I have trained with Sergio for many years, initially as a way to keep fit and later postpartum following the birth of my son. Notwithstanding helping me meet the aesthetic weight loss goals after pregnancy, Sergio ensured that I built back the foundations and strength to ensure a full recovery. He is highly knowledgeable, motivating and experienced and ensures that each session leaves you feeling not only physically and mentally rejuvenated, but also educated about your lifestyle through his expert advice on nutrition. Whilst Sergio is an exceptional Personal Trainer, he also motivates you to be the best version of yourself, becomes a great friend and makes each session an absolute pleasure. I would highly recommend Sergio, no matter what your fitness goals!” - Farheen Ishtiaq

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"I came to Sergio with two main goals in mind, to build strength and to have him review my diet to support my training volume. I was surprised how quickly my strength was increasing whilst working with him, at only 2 sessions per week it showed how effective the program designed was. He was excellent at helping break down what I needed to focus on and offered expert advice on the best way to achieve my goals. I have now competed in many CrossFit competitions and my performance is only getting better. I am very happy with the progress I have made so far with Sergio. His direct approach really resonated with me and I happily recommend him to friends and family" - Marc Redl

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"Having hit a plateau in my fitness, I signed up for Training and Nutrition support with Sergio. I gained impressive muscular improvement and boundless energy. Sergio had the right mix of encyclopaedic knowledge and held a firm but fair attitude to working at the program to enable me to succeed. I would never have been capable, nor determined enough to do this myself. Sergio was encouraging and tapped into my aspirations to motivate me. I was not bullied, starved nor exhausted, but the program was intelligently crafted to keep me on the cutting edge of my physical abilities” - Barbara Pigden

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“As a keen golfer I was struggling to get back playing after two back operations. Each time I tried another injury would occur and after 18 months I had almost given up. Working with Sergio, my fitness, strength and flexibility have greatly improved. I have been injury free all year and back to a single figure handicap” - Victor Ratner


"I am a regular gym user and first booked in with Sergio for some rehab work. It quickly became apparent to me what detailed knowledge Sergio has. I was impressed when he was able to tweak exercises to target what we were aiming at based on my feedback. Lately, Sergio has introduced some new exercises at just the right level to challenge me, give me something to engage with and yet not be unachievable. Based on my experience I would highly recommend working with Sergio" - Alexei Gillard


 “The talk Sergio gave on nutrition last week was superb. It is not an easy topic to cover in an hour but he was clear, interesting, and clearly knowledgeable but fully adapted the presentation to the level of our group. Encouraged questions and generally gave a brilliant presentation that left us all wanting to learn more” - Katie Foweraker

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