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Sergio Pereira MSc

Sergio is a highly experienced Personal Trainer and Certified Performance Nutritionist. He merges his expertise of both exercise programming and nutrition to deliver result-orientated interventions.

His clients are diverse, from company directors, to brides and Athletes. He also holds talks on the latest in health, fitness, and nutrition. 

​“A client's goal is my own goal. Supporting you in every way possible, both inside and outside of the gym - this is my commitment to you.” - Sergio



Masters Degree in Sports & Exercise Nutrition (MSc) 

MiddleSex University, London

Degree in Strength & Conditioning (BSc)

St Mary's University, London

ISSN Diploma. 1 year-Post Graduate Nutrition Course 


Certified Sports Nutritionist (CISSN) 


Sport & Exercise Nutrition Graduate (SENr) / British Dietetic Association 


ISAK Anthropometrist


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07903 455 935

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